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"Prelude of Light"

Copyright©Alex Noriega


I recently spent five days at Montana's Glacier National Park, planning to photograph fall color and first snows. The fall color was timed perfectly, but a windstorm blew most of the leaves off the aspens and cottonwoods the night before the first snow rolled in, so I wasn't really able to capture the autumn/winter combination. However, I still witnessed a handful of occurrences of great light. 

On this morning at Logan Pass, Justin Grimm and I got some intensely red sunrise light. We hiked back to the parking lot as soon as that light was gone, since the 100% cloud cover and the forecast looked pretty bleak for the next couple of days. What we couldn't see is that there was still one last small opening in the storm to the east. These rays appeared in a matter of seconds, as the slit in the clouds aligned with the rising sun. Not finding any compelling compositions looking into this valley from the edge of the parking lot, I sprinted down the closed Going To The Sun Road to find this clear view into the valley, unobscured by any foreground trees. I actually missed the peak of the rays' intensity and breadth while running, but I was still able to capture a few nice frames, handheld, before the light faded.

If you like the way my images look, you may be interested in knowing I teach my processing workflow and techniques online via Skype! I have also already announced an autumn 2015 Olympic NP tour with Alex Mody, due to the success of our tour this year. You can find information on all of this at my website:www.alexnoriegaphotography.com

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