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World-Class Landscape Photographer of the month May 2014 :
Congratulations to Andrea Pozzi for an amazing and excellent gallery. 
Andrea Pozzi is one of world's finest landscape photographers, born in the autumn of 1984 in Bormio, a lovely village in the middle of the Alps.
Andrea says: "From an early age I expressed my love for nature and traveling, my family was the determining factor in my process of rapprochement towards the world of exploration.
I'm a lover of arts in general, painting, architecture, shapes and colors, I began to approach the world of photography in 2007, when coming back from a long trip across Northern Europe, I noticed that my camera wasn't enough to show the majesty of northern landscapes.
So I bought my first Reflex, I began to attend forums, online discussions, gradually I began studying photographic technique, to meet photographers (amateurs and professionals) who were able to convey so much from the beginning and continue to do it right now.
The passion grew exponentially and now photography occupies an important slice of my daily life.
After various collaborations I have recently joined the Team of landscape photographers "DreamerLandscape" (http://www.dreamerlandscape.com/), I organize workshops and photographic courses.
I'm writing a book about pieces of life on the road, in a key that will tell all my personal experiences as idyllic. I travelled all over the world, visiting different continents and scenaries. My portfolio will show shots of mountains and sea, it will range from Alaskan glaciers to the sharp peaks of Patagonia, from the tropical paradises of Polynesia to the wastelands of Scotland, from the tangled forests of New Zealand to the large mammals of North America and so on."


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