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"Blissful Cuernos"
This image was captured on the same morning as my two other photos: "Candy like Patagonia" and "Otherwordly." Actually, it was taken after "Otherworldly" and before "Candy like Patagonia," when the first light of the day started to appear. It all happened in mid April, on the last of four days that I stayed alone waiting for the weather to improve and light to come. The amazing thing about late fall or early winter in Patagonia is that when the light happens, it lasts quite long. The golden hour is extended to 2 hours or more. It was exactly the case that morning (please view all 3 images to compare). The clouds were on the constant move causing light changing display. I had enough time to change my location of shooting and composition few times (the spots were few hundred meters apart). 
This image contains 2 images stitched together to include amazing cloud formations. The light is 100% natural and post processing was minimal.

I am visiting Patagonia next year and those who would like to join me for an adventure photo tour, feel free to contact me for details: arturstanisz@gmail.com
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