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"Not many of you know that my most recent photo-adventure tour took me to the Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada. Baffin Island is located in the Canadian Arctic. I trekked in the Auyuittug National Park for 2 weeks and for the whole time I was the only human there. Auyuittug in the local Inuit language means: land that never melts. There is a reason for that 
During these 2 weeks I hiked from the edge of the sea to the middle of the island covered by the ice cap. My 200km route allowed me to venture through a gigantic valley surrounded by monumental peaks with world largest vertical granite cliffs. 
While witnessing the arctic landscape change from fall to winter, I also experienced the most impressive aurora displays I have ever seen.
This photo that I called “Secret Vista” is somewhat special to me because it marks a half way of my trek. I took it at the edge of the glacier, which I explored for 5 days plowing my way through 30 centimeters of snow. As soon as I stepped off the glacier I turned around and noticed few glacier caves. I decided to explore one of them. The moment I entered it, I noticed that the icy cold interior of the cave itself perfectly complemented the warm, soft evening light of the mountain view outside.
To execute this photo idea, I set up my tripod, got the gear ready, started to look through the viewfinder and all I could see was a blurred view. I realized that coming from the warmer exterior into the freezing cold and humid ice cave created the layer of fog on my lens that froze instantly. So I had to wait about 20 minutes to make it operational, again.

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