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World-Class Landscape Photographer of the month March 2016

Congratulations to Joshua Cripps for an amazing gallery.

Joshua says: "I was born in the city, raised in the mountains. Grew up on granite and the smell of pine trees. Studied engineering and got a job designing satellites but didn’t like sitting in a cube all day. Found photography, fell in love with it, and have no plans to do anything else. Currently residing in California’s breathtaking Sierra Nevada mountains.

I’m proud to be an official Nikon photographer; my photos can be seen worldwide in the Nikon D750 campaign. In addition my work has been featured in magazines like Outdoor Photographer and Popular Photography, and hangs on walls in homes across the United States.

I’m a very proud co-founder of Sea to Summit Photography Workshops, the best darn workshop company in California. I’ve also contributed a number of technical and artistic articles for Phlearn, one of the best photography and Photoshop sites on the web.

This world is beautiful. It’s a beauty that pervades, invigorates, pacifies, and overjoys. A beauty to experience, to remember, and to share.

For me, photography is a medium through which to experience and share the wonder of this planet. For rather than stand as a barrier between myself and nature, my camera has enhanced my sense of beauty. It has made me more finely attuned to the ever- changing interaction of patterns and shapes, light and shadows, drama and subtlety which make up the natural world. It allows me to capture the fleeting emotion and feeling of the moment, to preserve it, and to share it with others. To create often-needed reminders that this world truly is beautiful."



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