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World-Class Landscape Photographer of the month April 2016

Congratulations to Matt Walker for an amazing gallery.

Matt says: "I have enjoyed photography since high school. My first camera was a 1965 Minolta 35mm film camera. After high school, I spent many years traveling and surfing around the world with that camera. I took a very long break from photography, but when digital cameras came on the market I wasn’t interested, but as the cameras got better along with processing software I became real interested. I became humbled by the amazing images being produced in recent time, and decided to dive back into my passion of photography. Today I am a horticulturalist managing large estate gardens in the Bay Area’s peninsula. I have a wonderful family, and live in Campbell, CA.

Landscape and cityscape photography is my true passion. I love shooting long exposures in low light. I’m always willing to wake up at odd hours to capture an image. I also enjoy shooting the Milky Way from different locations."



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