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World-Class Landscape Photographer of the month March 2014 :
Congratulations to Mike Berenson for an amazing and excellent gallery. 
Award winning Nature Photographer & Instructor, Mike Berenson has made a name for himself as one of a handful of premier night photographers. He’s been experimenting and improving his techniques for years and is now sharing his favorite images taken from overnight adventures in Colorado and beyond. Beyond the exploring, Mike also enjoys teaching his cutting-edge approaches through his classroom and in-field night photography workshops.
Artist's Statement : " Having pursued sports photography at a young age, I grew to realize the tremendous satisfaction I gained by sharing my work with others. I saw the ability to capture images from some truly unique locations that many people would never get to see in their lifetime.
For some reason, the underwater scenes found while scuba diving stood out as reminders that I was on to something truly special. One day, while scuba diving off the coast of Honduras, I found myself looking up at a wondrous underwater scene when a large school of fish began swimming overhead. In awe, I realized that this was something that man was never really meant to see. Without technology, man would never have been able to stay underwater for long periods of time or fly or other things that we can now do – making it even more special. Knowing that many of my friends and relatives would never get the chance to see such amazing scenery, I began pursuing locations for photography that helped to share the wonder.
Now that I’ve expanded from underwater photography to various forms of nature photography, I’ve built a portfolio that I am truly proud of. Beyond that, my equipment and formal training have allowed me to pursue one of my favorite passions - night-time mountain photography with image quality that’s on par with some of the best photographers around. Today, I enjoy exploring the backcountry of Colorado and sharing techniques and results with fellow photographers."



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