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World-Class Landscape Photographer of the month June, 2016

Congratulations to Ryan Buchanan for an amazing gallery.

Ryan says: "Starting out as a graphic designer in my early career, combined with a love for traveling, kicked off a new passion for photography back in 2011. Photography became the way I express my artistic side—painting with light. For me, landscape photography is the perfect escape and a creative challenge. It allows me to fully appreciate the extraordinary beauty around us, interpret it in my own creative way, and share it with the world. I rely on complex processing methods, some photoshop tricks and dynamic lighting situations to enhance my compositions. I am constantly learning and progressing my methods in the field as well as in post processing.

I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to travel the world and can only hope my work captures at least a part of the extreme beauty of these places. Photography has allowed me to connect with nature and appreciate what the world has to offer. I hope you can enjoy these scenes with me.

I’m currently based in Austin, Texas, and head up marketing for an in-house advertising agency that specializes in direct-response marketing across all types of media. My roots as a graphic designer and illustrator has allowed me to incorporate my creative mind into my work life and eventually realize my true passion for photography. I’m a big traveler, nature and science lover, avid golfer, and more recently drone pilot and aerial photographer."



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