World-Class Landscape Photographer of the month November 2014 :
Congratulations to Ryan DeFreece-Dyar for an amazing gallery.
Based in Seattle, Washington, Ryan lives and breathes nature as a professional landscape photographer. Spending every free moment possible in the field has trained his relatively young eyes well for composition and natural beauty. Ryan Dyar’s love for the outdoors is a product of his youth. As an avid snowboarder, he spent much of the past decade high in mountain backcountry growing a fondness for the wilderness that would eventually fuel his photographic fire.
Ryan focuses primarily on the big, bold, and dramatic scenes that he fell in love with in his youth. Be it a majestic mountain rising through the colorful clouds of dawn, he captures the scene in a style that is immediately recognizable to his audience. In the past 6 years in the business, Ryan has generated quite a following and has been recognized by publications and contests alike for his keen eye of all the beauty to be found in nature, and the ability to capture it.
His goal as a nature photographer is to bring his viewer into the photograph, giving them a chance to feel the scene. “As a photographer, I want to capture all the feelings and emotions that run through me while taking the image and put them into the photo. Feeling the cool morning breeze on my skin, hearing waves crashing ashore on the lake, squinting in the warm light of a summer sunset, these are things I try to portray in my work. I want to bring life to a two dimensional medium”.


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