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Photo of the week February 26- March 4, 2015

Congratulations to Stephen Emerson for this masterpiece.

Stephen Emerson was born and lives in Co. Antrim in Northern Ireland. He works with digital SLRs and enjoys the opportunities this offers for experimentation and the ability to get instant feedback from the camera. His main areas of interest are landscape, wildlife and nature, especially in the British Isles. Stephen's images has featured in magazines, books and various travel publications.

Stephen says : " I recall in childhood memories trips into the country with my father which has always stayed with me. The climb to Slieve Donard - the highest mountain in Northern Ireland - the magic and wonder of the Giants Causeway - the beautiful waterfalls of Glenariff. I remember in particular a little postcard book of various beauty spots in Ireland which opened my eyes to the art of capturing this raw beauty. Even as a teenager I always had a passion for photography and in particularly when capturing the landscape.Here indeed is a world where one has the freedom to express a visionary realm where time would stand still and all the beauty of the moment and place would be captured for ever in an image.

I believe the essence of a good landscape shot comes down to exact composition, timing and light. Applying oneself more closely to these artistic elements are the components of any great image. Trying to master these technical aspects is a constant study that I find challenging and rewarding. If possible I always like to capture a little drama in my images or something that makes them a little different.





  1. Sharon Cameron
    March 11, 2015

    Where can I purchase a framed print of the Dark Hedges?

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