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Morning Brush
Sunrise light just begins to light the peaks of the Eastern Sierra. Owens valley comes alive with color in the winter, oddly enough. Braving the bitter cold on a still morning in the Owens Valley is one of my favorite feelings. While this may be a more painterly, embellished representation of it, it really is a sight to behold. I'm really fond of the aqua green of the sage brush, and the pungent reds of the red willow. Seeing this area in the summer, is not as impressive, in my opinion. Too much green that's hiding all the color! This is one of my very first images I took after I got serious about shooting landscape photography, and is still one of my favorites. I wanted to refresh it. And it was a real chore. Processing an image with so many minute details is laborious, and I'm glad to finally have something I'm happy with. I've revisited this location on a few occasions, and sadly, the perfect arrangement of twigs, branches and brush is no more. I'm glad to have captured it when I did.

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